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Twenty minutes passed and I realised how involved I was chatting with my colleagues. Suddenly I saw Tanya at a corner, with a glass of orange juice, laughing and chatting with, with Matthew. The window to the fourth room was almost wide open. Somehow, I knew what they were getting ready for but I didn't believe it. Her black bra was fighting hard to hide her big boobs. My balls were on fire and my dick..that moment it reached its longest length. Tanya was breathing hard and that made her boobs grow bigger with each breath. She was looking at him and after a while tugged down her panty.At that moment my senior came over to me and initiated a conversation as a result of which I couldn't quite focus on both of them. I peeped and saw Tanya and Matthew facing each other. I felt my legs jamming as I saw Tanya reaching for her hairpin and pulling it. Few seconds later Matthew tugged down his underwear. I don't know why I was doing it but the fact was that I was jerking my dick like a maniac.She first encircled it with her tongue and then slowly started sucking it.With one hand she was squeezing his balls and with the other she was milking his rod. "Tomorrow I am going to fire him because of his bad performance." I thought. It was Matthew's resignation letter and the slip read, "My performance was good, ask your wife." I sat down with a thud.The moment he reached her pussy he gripped her butt cheeks, a moan escaped from Tanya's mouth. In fact I saw he was even teasing her clit and got appreciation from Tanya as she kept closing-opening her thighs in ecstasy. He was squeezing Tanya's butt cheeks in a slow and sexy rhythm and kissing her inner thighs.

On the way he was licking and kissing almost every cell of hers. You have surprised me and it was such an erotic one. How you requested him to fuck me and wanted him to surprise me..it as a test for me and all that. He made love to me for an hour and each moment was so liberating darling." I braked the car and it came to halt suddenly.

After a while Tanya started complementing his rhythm.

He was pumping front and Tanya was thrusting her hips back. He caught Tanya's ass tightly and one, two, three thrusts and his entire load flooded Tanya's ass.

If he thought that she was going to drink his cum he was wrong as Tanya suddenly stopped sucking and was standing up. Next day when I reached office, my secretary handed me an envelope. It was his revenge and my wife, Tanya, never knew about it.

As she was standing up she was caressing his butt and back with both her hands.

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